Monday Meditations (16/03/20) by Vizi Andrei

(COVID-19) How To Gain From A Social Crisis

How To Gain From A Social Crisis

When they were quarantined because of pandemic outbreaks, Shakespeare wrote King Lear; and Newton invented calculus, developed his theory on optics, and formulated the laws of motion and gravity.

To be able to finish The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci got up early every morning to arrive at the monastery so he could be alone, in silence, with his own thoughts and feelings.

In his French château, Montaigne found intellectual refuge in a private library he carefully designed by himself.

Carl Jung emulated Montaigne’s practices: he produced one of his best works after he built a stone tower in the woods.

Forcing yourself, or being forced, to perform deep work may yield explosive results.

“It’s difficult to idealize yourself”, American author Ryan Holiday wrote, “if you are never by yourself.”

Periods of isolation can paradoxically be liberating.

They enable what abundance has disabled.

You may start noticing strange things happening around you. Your town is finally car-free, quiet, and less polluted. You can open the window and enjoy the scenery. Many parents are blessed; the kids are home from university. The house is brimming with life and joy. The family is reborn.

You become more grateful, more creative, more present, more human.

Stay safe.


Vizi Andrei,

Author of Economy of Truth