300-Word Sunday

On fame, entrepreneurship, uncertainty, and more

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Some personal news: with the help of beautiful architecture, good wine, and some luck...I somehow tricked my girlfriend into saying YES! We’re now happily engaged.

Here are 3 aphorisms to reflect on, 2 philosophical jokes, and 1 heuristic.


3 Aphorisms


If fame is a curse, successful people―by definition―can’t be seen.

Almost every person I admire has a quiet life at home with someone they love, working on projects they love―designing their life as they love.


If you’re intellectually confused at least three times a day―that’s good news.

Your mind loves having workouts. You’re building strong cognitive muscles.

As long as in the moment of action you’re bold, don’t worry about your intellectual tensions.


Habitats such as business or entrepreneurship want interaction, not observation.

You can only make sense of them via experience and trial-and-error tinkering, not via desk research.

The best people to learn business from are entrepreneurs, not library rats with PhDs or MBAs.

Art of the Week

Congreve Street, Town Hall, Christ Church, Birmingham. Artist unknown

2 Philosophical Jokes


A philosopher is someone who knows less and less about more and more…until he knows nothing about everything.


“I have a successful track record of being friendzoned in the saddest ways possible. The latest to be added to the list is my wife.”

H/T Mahmoud Rasmi

1 Heuristic

Wrap your arms around uncertainty.

This is going to improve your decision-making skills.

If you develop the humility to accept the complexity of the world, you will naturally internalize that your beliefs are constantly under construction.

This is how you develop a sustainable mental apparatus.

You regularly either add a few bricks to your mental shelter or get rid of some. You thus have the freedom to take a lot of (small) risks without ever fearing that you may disrupt your belief system as a whole.

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