300-Word Sunday

On kindness, winning arguments, Descartes's death, and more

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Here are 3 aphorisms to reflect on, 2 philosophical jokes, and 1 heuristic.


3 Aphorisms


If you want a calm discussion about a hot topic, use an arsenal of cold phrases.


Kindness without truth comes across as flattery.

Truth without kindness comes across as disrespect.

Those who manage to find the sweet spot are the most persuasive.


If you win an argument, you are not the winner―the winner is the truth.

Lead the argument by order and style―then you're the winner.

A good conversation means a pleasant process, not a victorious outcome.

Art of the Week

Old Cottages at Pinner, 1885-1895 by Helen Allingham

2 Philosophical Jokes


John asked his doctor how to improve his relationship with his wife. The doctor advised him to take a ten-mile walk each night so he wouldn’t be so irritable, and to call him in a month. When John called the next month, the doctor asked him how things were with his wife. “Fine, I’m very relaxed, but I’m three hundred miles away from home!”

H/T John Allen Paulos


“Descartes wasn't a morning person.

He used to wake up at 11 am at the earliest.

That was until Queen Cristina of Sweden hired him in 1649 for private philosophy lessons starting at 5 am.

Descartes died in 1650.”

H/T Mahmoud Rasmi

1 Heuristic

When talking about a complex topic, never rush to construct an opinion on the spot.

Instead, try to reply by framing thought-provoking questions.

That's how meaningful, fun, and humble discussions emerge.

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